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Captain Cullen Lundholm became a natural on the water in his early years spending his days fishing alongside his father.  Cullen has been running his own boat for over a decade, and has built his charter business based on his extensive knowledge of the waters surrounding Cape Cod and the Islands and his natural ability to locate and catch fish.

Captain Cullen has navigated the entire Eastern Seaboard and fished the waters of Bermuda, the Bahamas, and  Coastal New England extending out to the Gulf  Stream.  When he is not running charters, Cullen is commercially fishing for a variety of fish species including Bluefin tuna and striped bass. Captain Cullen is on the water every fishable day from April through October, so he constantly knows where the fish are and what they are feeding on.  Cullen specializes in live bait fishing, which makes for very exciting action, and he is always up-to-date on all the most effective fishing techniques.


Cullen is certified by the United States Coast Guard with his 100 ton Master's License.

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